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Freezes in Foreclosure

Think a Foreclosure Moratorium Will Save Your Home?


On the Edge of Losing Your Home?

The options available to a homeowner faced with foreclosure.

Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

The benefits of a short sale as a dignified solution to foreclosure.

Hidden Costs of Bankruptcy

Understand the consequences and alternatives to bankruptcy.

Credit Score Issues

Understand the credit implications of foreclosure avoidance.

A Dignified Solution

The range of options for homeowners with financial hardship.

Cash for Short Sales

Get the full list of short sale benefits.

Government Programs

Find Out Your Eligibility.

Understanding HAFA

A straightforward explanation of HAFA and what it means to you.

Avoiding Mortgage Modification Fraud

Don't Fall for Mortgage Modification Scams.
Strategic Defaults are NOT Strategic
Why Strategic Defaults are NOT resources IF you are going to default.

Your First Steps To Avoid Foreclosure

Understand your first steps and options when facing foreclosure.

Short Sale & Deed-In-Lieu

Understand the details and consequences of two solutions to an upside-down mortgage situation.

The Truth About Mortgage Modifications

The Ins and Outs & Realities of Loan Modifications
7 Short Sale Myths
The 7 most dangerous short sale myths identified and explained

Foreclosure vs. Short Sale

A side-by-side comparison of the consequences of foreclosure and a short sale.

3 Qualifications for a Short Sale

The 3 MUSTS for a successful short sale.
Options and Solutions
Highlighting 10 alternatives to foreclosure for distressed property homeowners.